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I (Annie, the owner) started cleaning when our youngest kiddo was just a few months old- Dakota was colicky and I needed to get out of the house for a few hours a week. I know you mommas out there understand that feeling.

From there I took on a few additional houses and quickly realized this was something I loved. I had never intended to stay home with the kids, so this was a perfect transition to allow me to work as much or as little as I wanted, while still helping to support our family.

We have two kiddos, Colton and Dakota, and a husky puppy Frankie. We live in Sherwood, and our kiddos go to Kaukauna – we love it here!

That was in 2012.

Over the next few years I took on some part-time help, then full time, then one employee became two, and two became three, etc. Ryan, my husband left his job in the automotive industry in 2017 to join us, helping us with everything from paperwork to cleaning vacuums and beyond.

At some point I stepped out of the field and into the office- in 2017 we and 3 employees moved into a small office in Kaukauna, and within a year we had 13 employees and moved into a new 3,500 sq. ft. office. We continue to grow and add to our Queen Of Cleaning family. Over the years we have truly been blessed with employing some of the most amazing ladies and continue to grow throughout the Fox Valley.

Our Team

Erin R.

Erin R.

Erin has two kiddos that keep her busy – which is perfect because Erin loves being GO GO GO all the time. Part of what makes Erin great at her job is that she truly loves what she does, she loves making people’s lives easier so they can spend their free time doing what they love instead of cleaning.
Kim B.

Kim B.

Kim B. is the trainer at Queen of Cleaning and has been with us since the summer of 2018. Kim has been such an amazing addition to our Queen of Cleaning family, she has naturally taken on a bit of a mother role with her patience, kind words and amazing work ethic. Kim loves to garden and go swimming, she had two kids she loves to spend time with. Kim says she loves her job because of the amazing people and even when things are stressful she feels she can always be herself.

Lexi K.

Lexi K.

Lexi LOVES Starbucks, so much – she can always be found with a coffee in her hand. In her free time, Lexi loves spending time with friends, cooking, and riding jet skis and motorcycles. When I asked Lexi what she likes about her job, in true Lexi fashion, she made me laugh with her reply. She said “I love that I don’t have to work from home anymore, my co-workers are pretty cool, my boss listens to me and doesn’t micromanage. I love that I have a boss I can sit around with and shoot the shit with.” I think she might be buttering me up a bit… it’s working!
Martina A.

Martina A.

Martina joined our team in early 2021, and we’ve loved every moment of knowing her. Martina is incredibly kind, humble, and caring. Martina has two cats (Luna and Whiskers) that she LOVES, she is all about that cat mom’s life doing everything she can to spoil them. When we asked Martina why she likes her job she said she gets to work with wonderful and caring people – little does she know, we all feel that way about her!



Bill does everything around our office – He joined Queen of Cleaning unofficially a few years ago but has come on in a more full-time capacity a year ago. Bill and Ryan have been best friends since they were school age and some things never change. Bill is a huge Dave Mathews Band fan, spends as much time visiting his family in Texas as he can, and loves camping up north.

Jess p.

Jess p.

I'm a realtor and have worked with quite a few cleaning companies. I was super impressed with the quality of the Queen of Cleaning services. Outstanding! I will definitely be hiring them again! They are reasonably priced and worth every penny!

- Brenda F.

We have had Queen of Cleaning taking care of our home for well over a year and a half and could not be happier. Their price is amazing, they are in and out, my bathrooms sparkle, my floors are happy! Currently, we have Kassie and she comes in with a smile and leaves my house smelling amazing, I swear she has a fairy in her bag. I love Monday mornings twice a month because I know my house will look like we don't live in chaos that we normally do. They make me look like I have it together. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

Jodie L.

I booked a last-minute cleaning and wasn’t sure what to expect. I just came home to a super clean house! Bathrooms are spotless. My wood floor is sparkling. It smells clean and I feel a sense of relaxation! Allie & Miranda exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend and will definitely be a return customer. Thanks, Queen of Cleaning!

- Sara N.

Queen of Cleaning does an AMAZING job! I have used their services for over a year now and they never disappoint. Each clean, a note is left with what was done - which I love coming home from work to see what they focused on. My last clean was by Kassie and Kalyn - outstanding work ladies! Things like making my kids beds which I don't expect, knows they put some TLC into cleaning your home.

- Julie O.

I absolutely LOVE this service! I look forward to coming home each time to find my house clean and smelling wonderful! Its a weight off my shoulders! This last time I had Michaela and she spent extra attention on my bathrooms-just where it was needed!

-Erin S.

Annie's company cleaned for me first when we were selling our old house. She did a wonderful deep clean that freshened everything up. She now cleans our new house and is the utmost professional. Her price is reasonable and her quality can't be beat. Plus, she is flexible with her schedule. Nothing feels better than looking up and noticing that your ceiling fans are dust-free!

-Lisa E.

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