Residential Cleaning

How to Prepare for Your Cleaning

Annie King, Owner of Queen of Cleaning

General Cleans

Clear a Path

To facilitate efficient cleaning, please tidy up items like paperwork, toys, and laundry. This allows our team to focus on vacuuming, disinfecting, dusting, and scrubbing, ensuring your belongings are stored as you prefer.

Relax, We're Here to Help!

Remember, our goal is to make your life easier and your home cleaner.

Morning of the Clean

  • Thermostat: Please set it to 68°F for our comfort.
  • Supplies and Sheets: Leave out any special products, tools, trash bags, and clean sheets for beds needing change (additional $8/bed).
  • Access: Ensure the key is accessible, the door is unlocked, and the alarm is off.

Pets: Secure any pets that might not be guest-friendly.

Arrival Time

Your scheduled time is an estimated window. We manage uncertainties like traffic and other surprises, so we may arrive slightly before, within, or after this window.

Timed/Priority Cleans

In these sessions, you hire us for a set number of hours. While we may not cover the entire home or list, we’ll prioritize as per your guidance.

Sample Checklist

  • #1 Priority: Always list your most important task first.
  • Example List:
    • #1 Clean all bathrooms
    • #2 Clean Kitchen (specify tasks)
    • #3 Vacuum living room floors
    • If time allows: Couch vacuuming and first-floor dusting

FAQs for Timed Cleans

Will my entire list be cleaned?

This varies. Completion depends on the specifics of the list and the current state of your home. We aim to meet your expectations realistically.

What if the cleaner's time seems short?
  • In cases where we send a team of two, the total hours are divided. For instance, a 6-hour clean with two technicians equals 3 hours each.

For a detailed list of our cleaning services and limitations, please visit our Service Page.