Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you use?

At Queen of Cleaning, we try to make healthy choices for the environment, for ourselves, and for your home. We use Thieves all-purpose cleaner which is a plant-based and naturally derived ingredients to effectively clean your home without taking synthetic shortcuts or using potentially harsh ingredients.

While we consider ourselves ‘eco-friendly’ we are not considered a green or all-natural company. We do carry some traditional cleaning products such as Dawn dish soap and traditional toilet bowl cleaner for certain jobs.

If there are ever any product concerns please feel free to reach out and talk to us directly

Are you insured?

Yes, we are both fully insured and bonded. We find this is incredibly important for our protection and the homeowners. While we are always careful while in customer’s home we know that accidents happen and we want to be sure everyone is protected.

Do you have to be home?

The short answer is no, you do not need to be home. However, it’s your home and we are there to make your life easier. We never want you to feel uncomfortable or like you need to disappear. Cleaning is more efficient with an empty home and we do our best to stay out of your way. Feel free to let us know about any scheduling concerns.

Will you judge me?
We get asked this a lot – and the answer is definitely not. We see all versions of clean and dirty and let’s be honest you’re hiring us because you need help cleaning and you’re busy. Please don’t ever feel bad about the condition of your home, and it’s almost never as bad as you think it is.
What do I need to do to get ready for you?

The tidier or more decluttered your home is, the more time can be spent on cleaning instead of picking up. However, with that being said, we are there to help and don’t want you to stress yourself out over putting away every little thing – remember that we understand that you live in your home.

What kind of cleaning do you offer?
We offer both routine cleaning (once per week, every other week, or once per month) or one-time deep cleaning. We also offer post-construction cleaning (after renovations, or new construction) and large clean outs or hoarder cleanouts. We can work with you to find the best fit for scheduling for you and your home.
Do you bring your own things with you?
When you hire Queen of Cleaning the only thing you need to worry about is how you will spend your new free time and providing toilet bowl brushes. We will bring all cleaning supplies, cleaning towels, mops, etc. that are needed for cleaning your home.
How do you price your cleanings?
Our pricing is based on a few different things, we typically price by the job vs. by the hour. We quote based on square footage, location, specific needs, and frequency of cleaning.
Will my whole list be cleaned?

This question can vary greatly. Sometimes we are able to complete the whole list and then some! Sometimes we can only get to 2 of the items. It really depends on what is listed and the ‘dirt level’ of the home. We are happy to help guide you through making a list to make sure your expectations are met, but also that we are realistic. We never want anyone to be disappointed.

I did a 6-hour timed clean but the cleaner was only here for 3?
Sometimes we send a team of 2! If that is the case, then the number of hours you signed up for is cut in half. Example-  6 hours divided by two cleaning techs is 3 hours each.

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I'm a realtor and have worked with quite a few cleaning companies. I was super impressed with the quality of the Queen of Cleaning services. Outstanding! I will definitely be hiring them again! They are reasonably priced and worth every penny!
Brenda F.
We have had Queen of Cleaning taking care of our home for well over a year and a half and could not be happier. Their price is amazing, they are in and out, my bathrooms sparkle, my floors are happy! Currently, we have Kassie and she comes in with a smile and leaves my house smelling amazing, I swear she has a fairy in her bag. I love Monday mornings twice a month because I know my house will look like we don't live in chaos that we normally do. They make me look like I have it together. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.
Jodie L.
I booked a last-minute cleaning and wasn’t sure what to expect. I just came home to a super clean house! Bathrooms are spotless. My wood floor is sparkling. It smells clean and I feel a sense of relaxation! Allie & Miranda exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend and will definitely be a return customer. Thanks, Queen of Cleaning!
Sara N.
Queen of Cleaning does an AMAZING job! I have used their services for over a year now and they never disappoint. Each clean, a note is left with what was done - which I love coming home from work to see what they focused on. My last clean was by Kassie and Kalyn - outstanding work ladies! Things like making my kids beds which I don't expect, knows they put some TLC into cleaning your home.
Julie O.
I absolutely LOVE this service! I look forward to coming home each time to find my house clean and smelling wonderful! Its a weight off my shoulders! This last time I had Michaela and she spent extra attention on my bathrooms-just where it was needed!
Erin S.
Annie's company cleaned for me first when we were selling our old house. She did a wonderful deep clean that freshened everything up. She now cleans our new house and is the utmost professional. Her price is reasonable and her quality can't be beat. Plus, she is flexible with her schedule. Nothing feels better than looking up and noticing that your ceiling fans are dust-free!
Lisa E.

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