Residential Cleaning

General Cleaning Services

Annie King, Owner of Queen of Cleaning


  • Countertops: Wiped, including behind items
  • Appliance Fronts: Washed and polished
  • Sink: Scrubbed thoroughly
  • Trash/Recycling: Removed; bags replaced
  • Microwave Interior: Cleaned
  • Floors: Swept, vacuumed, and washed
  • Dusting: As required
  • Windows: Cleaned as needed


  • Toilets: Wiped inside and out
  • Countertops: Wiped; items moved and replaced
  • Mirrors: Cleaned and polished
  • Sinks/Faucets: Cleaned and polished
  • Showers/Tubs: Scrubbed; items replaced
  • Trash: Removed; can liners replaced
  • Floors: Hand washed
  • Dusting: As needed
  • Area Rugs: Vacuumed or shaken out
  • Windows: Cleaned as needed

Bedrooms/Living Room

  • Dusting: Performed regularly
  • Pillows/Blankets: Straightened
  • Floors: Vacuumed and/or mopped
  • Trash: Emptied; bags replaced
  • Windows: Cleaned as needed
  • Bedding Change: $8/bed

Deep Cleaning (Includes Everything Above Plus)

  • Baseboards: Wiped
  • Window/Door Frames: Wiped
  • Interior Windows: Cleaned (excluding tracks and screens)
  • Door Ledges: Dusted or wiped
  • Light Fixtures: Dusted or wiped, depending on type
  • Ceiling Fans: Cleaned (reach limitations apply)
  • Cabinet Exteriors: Wiped down
  • Optional: Oven/Fridge Interior ($50 each)
  • Move-In/Out Cleans: Includes all drawers, closets, cabinets (when empty)

Services Not Offered

  • Cleaning screens (computer, TV)
  • Washing walls
  • Laundry services (unless pre-arranged)
  • Exterior cleaning (including outdoor windows and tracks)
  • Pet messes (vomit, urine, feces)
  • Washing/putting away dishes (unless pre-arranged)
  • Biohazard cleaning (e.g., mold, blood)
  • Inside of china/curio cabinets
  • Washing aluminum blinds
  • Moving large furniture/appliances

Disclaimer: This list is subject to change based on individual client needs. Contact us for clarification or specific requests.